Barefoot Networks Launches Out of Stealth

By the 10Fold Enterprise Team

Barefoot Networks approached 10Fold to develop a strategy to launch the company out of stealth and showcase its industry-changing networking switch technology. 10Fold designed a plan for Barefoot from start to finish, incorporating exclusive media pitching to secure business press feature coverage, tech press outreach, press release development, targeted analyst introductions and web content development. The results include two major business press features and more than 30 pieces of coverage overall.

Cade Metz, WIRED, “Barefoot is building a new breed of chip that will alter the inner workings of Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and LinkedIn. It will force a response from hardware giants like Cisco and big chip makers like Intel and Broadcom. It will feed the evolution of telecommunication empires like AT&T.

Barefoot Networks launched from stealth, revealing pioneering technology and setting multiple networking records. Not only is the company announcing the fastest switch ever built, but also, and perhaps more importantly, the first switches ever to be fully user-programmable. This combination of record-breaking performance and full programmability enables customers to build the world’s only fully-programmable networks and to run those networks at record-breaking speeds. With a renowned executive team that has built the fastest and biggest networking systems in the world, Barefoot Networks is backed by world-class investors who have invested more than $130 million to date. Goldman Sachs Principal Strategic Investments and Google Inc. led the most recent round of $57 million, with new strategic investors joining the round.

Coverage Highlights for Barefoot Networks Launch Tuesday 06/14/2016:

  1. WIRED, Cade Metz, Barefoot Networks’ New Chips Will Transform the Tech Industry
  2. Wall Street Journal, Don Clark, Stanford Professor’s Startup Plans Novel Networking Chips
  3. TechTarget, Chuck Moozakis, Barefoot Networks debuts high-speed programmable chip for switches
  4. ITBusinessEdge, Mike Vizard, Barefoot Networks Unveils Programmable 6.5 Terabit Switch
  5. SiliconANGLE, Paul Gillin, Barefoot says its programmable chip will revolutionize networking.
  6. Converge Network Digest, Jim Carroll, Barefoot Unveils 6.5 Tbps Tofino Switching Chip
  7. ZDNet, Stephanie Condon, Barefoot Networks unveils high-speed, programmable network switch
  8. Silicon Valley Business Journal, Gina Hall, Chipmaking startup Barefoot Networks raises $57M
  9. PCWorld, Stephen Lawson, This startup may have built the world’s fastest networking switch chip
  10. ComputerWorld, Barefoot Networks may have built the world’s fastest networking switch chip
  11. ITWorld, This startup may have built the world’s fastest networking switch chip
  12. NetworkComputing, Marcia Savage, Switch Chip Startup Touts Networking Breakthrough
  13. SDxCentral, Craig Matsumoto, Why Barefoot Networks Decided SDN Needs a New Chip 
  14. SDxCentral, Craig Matsumoto, Barefoot Networks Just Raised Another $57M 
  15. The Next Platform, Timothy Prickett Morgan, The Walls Come Down On The Last Bastion Of Proprietary
  16. Xconomy, Bernadette Tansey, Barefoot Scores $130M for Programmable Switch To Make Networks Smart
  17. FierceTelecom, Sean Buckley, Barefoot Networks Unveils Breakthrough Switching Technology: the World’s First Fully Programmable Switches that Also Happen to be the Fastest Switches Ever Built


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