In the Fold – Kim Diesel

What is something you have learned this past year at 10Fold that has aided your success?
The answers are in our data. I’ve found the answers to address and even resolve just about every client challenge in the data we have on our client results, hours, etc. Especially with MetricsMatter4.0, we’re able to see what’s driving the most value and make improvements to our programs.

What do you hope to learn in the next year?
I feel like I’m always working on my ability to anticipate client challenges. In the next year, I’d like to make sure I’m thinking about plan A, B and C, even for things I anticipate will go well. There’s a lot of value in making sure your brain is consistently comfortable with expecting the unexpected and being two steps ahead for your clients.

What was your favorite team activity in the last year?
For the first time, our practice groups had their own team offsites this year, so the entire security team came out to San Diego, and we did a sunset sail in the harbor. It was so fun to be able to catch up with the team in-person before a day of highlights, problem-solving and training.

What accomplishment from the last year are you most proud of?
In the second half of last year, the security team improved its average client satisfaction score by a full point for an average score of 9 out of 10. We’ve been able to maintain that in the first half of this year amidst tough economic headwinds and high expectations. The team has really leaned into some high-pressure situations and generated great results!

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