Looking for Innovative Story Content? Why 10Fold’s Media SharkTank Helps the Media!

Many of our reporter friends talk about the time and effort involved in combing through the seemingly endless number of pitches they receive daily. Their email inboxes are chock-full of requests for them to speak with companies on topics ranging from the very relevant and intriguing to the ho hum 7.2 product release that no one has ever bought. Whether you write for The Financial Times and cover broad and relevant trends, or you are the host of a broadcast show making technology understandable for business audiences, finding the right expert source can make or break a story. And let’s face it, you don’t have time to review every email or return every phone call to gather the nitty gritty details that create an off-the-charts story. You likely have a list of go-to sources – and they eventually become stale. 10Fold’s Media SharkTank offers a room full of innovators and entrepreneurs: experts in their fields who are happy to talk about their stories, expertise and opinions. And the best part is that the vast majority of these entrepreneurs (and their ideas) have already been vetted by top-tier venture capitalists and strategic companies. Now you have a set of fresh new faces that can provide opinions – sometimes contrarian – for a really balanced story.

Creating great stories is a balance of smart journalism that is fair and balanced and finding great stories from enterprising companies and entrepreneurs. Every year, 10Fold brings journalists together with new innovations at SharkTank, creating the perfect environment to nurture existing relationships and help build new connections. The 7th Annual Media SharkTank and Charitable Event will take place on Thursday, October 12, 2017, where reporters and analysts have the opportunity to connect in a private environment with today’s most innovative deep tech companies.

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Are you looking for a new perspective on artificial intelligence and machine learning, or advancements in cyber security? A group of companies representing these trends as well as other industries will be perfecting their 3-minute business pitch to a panel of media “sharks” – eagerly awaiting tips and constructive feedback on ways they can ensure their pitch doesn’t end up in the trashcan. Reporters provide their opinions on the content of the pitch as well as the presentation style of the executive, all delivered in a way that will help the entrepreneur improve.

So, if you’re looking for ways to unearth the next big headline, 10Fold’s Media SharkTank may be the place for you – feeding your need for novel ideas, invention and big-splash stories. Sign up to become a media shark for 2018 and feel free to join us this year as our guests! The registration form is here.

By Lauren Lloyd

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