Manager & Mouseketeer: Get to Know 10Fold’s Resident Disney Girl

What did you most recently get recognized for as embodying our tenet of TAFFI (Teamwork, Accountability, Fun, Fascination and Integrity)? 

Recently I’ve been recognized for my ability to creatively adapt, especially in ways that create shared value for us and our clients. At 10Fold, we meticulously scope program activities to meet client needs and desired outcomes, but as John Lennon said, “life is what happens while you’re busy making plans.” Things often change and we change with them. I really enjoy figuring out how I can continually deliver work that delights my clients, uses their investment effectively, and gives my people opportunities for career growth. This has been one of my favorite lessons to learn in my evolution from “media maven” to “manager extraordinaire.” 

What is something you have learned while working at 10Fold that has aided your success? 

It’s okay – nay, essential – to speak up. See a better way to do something? Say something. Facing a challenge? Ask for help. Love something and want to see more of it? Tell somebody. Great organizations are powered by feedback. Learning to be more vocal at 10Fold has empowered me to identify opportunities for innovation and take more pride in my work. 

What advice would you give someone who is just starting out in their career? 

When you’re starting out, just say yes! Try everything that you’re given and if you hit a wall, be specific about what the challenge is and what you might need to solve it. You might fall down sometimes, but you’ll learn fast and establish yourself as the kind of person who is eager for – and capable of – more. 

Do you have a favorite hobby? 

I’m best known as 10Fold’s resident Disney girl. I haven’t been in a long time because of the pandemic, but I love going to Walt Disney World and Disneyland, and I have a pretty boundless amount of theme park trivia and history rolling around in my head. 

What is one thing that 10Fold does that you love that stands out from other agencies? 

10Fold does a really great job of recognizing good work and rewarding it. We give each other TAFFIs for big wins every Friday, yes. But also, the agency has been in a huge period of growth recently, which the leadership team recognized with some incredible new benefits that everyone is very excited about. 10Fold really cares about its people. 

Why did you decide to join 10Fold? 

10Fold stood out to me immediately as a company that valued lifelong learning and personal growth. When I interviewed here 3 years ago, I had been primarily focused in my career on life sciences and healthcare technology and I was looking for the opportunity to diversify. This organization not only gave me the opportunity to work in spaces I hadn’t before but gave me training in those spaces. Flashforward and by my own choice I’m now focused again on life sciences and healthcare. 

What’s your favorite thing to do in Boston? 

Boston is such a fun city. I love to go to the Museum of Fine Arts or the Science Museum, see shows at A.R.T. in Cambridge or the Opera House, go to breweries, or just sit in the park with a book and read. 

What differentiates 10Fold from other agencies in the industry?  

The culture we’ve managed to build here is truly unmatched, and I think that’s because 10Fold is a place where everybody brings their whole selves to work. We joke together, vent to each other, support each other, and are encouraged to share our non-work interests. Just last week we started a new Slack channel for movie buffs and another for fans of skincare and beauty, and we have others for true crime, music, The Bachelor, and more. It’s easy to do great work surrounded by people you can truly be yourself with. 

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