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What did you most recently get recognized for as embodying our tenet of TAFFI (Teamwork, Accountability, Fun, Fascination and Integrity)? 

Recently, I received recognition on our Friday agency huddle for securing top-tier coverage for a client’s funding announcement in outlets like Fortune Term Sheet, Wall Street Journal Pro Private Equity and VentureBeat. A successful funding announcement takes a lot of strategic planning, preparation, accountability and teamwork when implementing the launch plan. Working together, our team ended up securing 16 pieces of funding coverage total – an exciting win for the client and us.  

What is something you have learned while working at 10Fold that has aided your success? 

At 10Fold, I’ve learned that you can truly be yourself at work. Since everyone has different personalities and strengths, bringing your whole self to work can allow you to build on your strengths, be open about things you want to improve on and empower our colleagues to do the same. It’s a good feeling to feel accepted and appreciated by your coworkers!  

What advice would you give someone who is just starting out in their career? 

Always take constructive feedback gracefully and use it as a catalyst to grow professionally. Throughout my career in PR, I’ve seen many colleagues get bummed out when they receive a lot of edits on their writing or are asked do an assignment again differently. Feedback is actually your friend. It’s an opportunity to learn from your managers/colleagues and adapt accordingly so that moving forward, you can do your best work possible. In time, you’ll get even more efficient at each task, so projects that take you an hour now, may only take you 30 minutes in the future.  

What’s your favorite thing to do in San Francisco? 

My favorite thing to do in San Francisco is trying new restaurants, because there are a million good restaurants in this city. I’ve lived here over four years now and I still feel like I haven’t made a dent on the list of places on my list!  

Do you have a favorite hobby? 

Besides going out to eat and drink, my absolute favorite hobby is hot yoga. I go to CorePower Yoga in San Francisco a few times each week and do their Yoga Sculpt classes, which are very challenging, but such a good workout. After a hot yoga class, you feel amazing because you’ve sweated out all the toxins in your body. 10/10 recommend trying it. 

What is one thing that 10Fold does that you love that stands out from other agencies?  

What makes 10Fold stand out against all of the other PR agencies out there, is that the leadership and the agency culture doesn’t just talk the talk when it comes to prioritizing work-life balance and employee health and well-being. 10Fold walks the walk. We are all encouraged to sign off on time and not work crazy hours (which is not common in the PR field), take breaks, go on walks throughout the day and take care of ourselves in general. This level of trust and flexibility is ingrained in the agency’s culture and its part of what makes it a great place to work.   

What’s your favorite thing about 10Fold?  

The 10Fold team has fun Slack channels for foodies, Bachelor TV show fans and other random topics where we chat and joke around with one another. It definitely creates a strong comradery when you feel comfortable sharing your interests and hobbies with your coworkers and sending each other funny memes and gifs. 

Why did you decide to join 10Fold? 

Throughout my career, I worked at a few other PR agencies before finding 10Fold. I learned so much in each of those roles and I believe that everything happens for a reason. I was laid off from my old agency at the beginning of the pandemic and after many interviews, I chose to join the 10Fold team because of the positive energy and intelligence that exudes from each and every 10Folder. Plus, I’ve always preferred to work for a smaller agency and everyone I talked to during the interview process was easy to get along with. 

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