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10Fold Celebrates New Digs in Sunny Capistrano Beach, Orange County

“Riding the wave of this record-setting momentum, now is the time to break out of the niche boutique agency mold and redefine ourselves as a national leader in B2B technology public relations.” – Susan Thomas, CEO, 10Fold

It’s been a busy several weeks for the 10Fold crew.

Not only did 10Fold celebrate its new name this week, reflecting our growth, progress and expanded team, but we’re also excited to announce the opening of our newest office in Southern California.

Capistrano Beach – also known as “Capo Beach” – is a unique and charming town adjacent to the Dana Point community, located in southern Orange County and just a stone’s throw from the burgeoning Southern California tech market. The town’s history dates back to the early 1800’s when it served as a main port for trading and shipping. Today, Capo Beach hustles and bustles with activity, and serves as home to the new 10Fold Orange County office.

Spearheaded by 10Fold veteran and industry extraordinaire Angela Griffo, VP of Infrastructure, Angela will carry 10Fold’s commitment, passion for communications and love of technology into our new workspace.

In keeping with the tried and true 10Fold core principles of TAFI – teamwork, accountability, fun and integrity – we’re excited to collaborate with our colleagues throughout the Bay Area, and welcome them to Capo Beach.


The 10Fold O.C. Team


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