Welcome 10Fold

Dear Trainer Communications, now 10Fold Communications Clients & Friends,

Thank you for the amazing opportunity to be part of your companies growth.  We appreciate your partnership and the chance to work with you.  And as our client and friend to the agency, I wanted you to be among the first to know that we are rebranding to 10Fold.

Although the name Trainer Communications has served us well for the past 20 years, we are ready to move to a name that has more meaning to the industry – and likely less brand confusion.   (It will be a relief to eliminate the calls from those looking for a personal trainer!)

The 10Fold branding reflects our growth, progress and expanded team, and we intend it to serve as a beacon for our clients – demonstrating great things to come from our agency.  What won’t change is the leadership, commitment, passion for communications and our love of technology.  We appreciate the opportunity to be part of your extended team!

Susan Thomas
Founder & CEO

p.s.  expect more on this subject as we further unveil our name to the rest of the industry!

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