Solving the Age-Old Reporting Problem for Communications and Marketing: Introducing MetricsMatter 4.0™

If there’s one thing all communications agencies can agree on, it’s that PR reporting is one of the most challenging obstacles we face. 

For years, agencies have faced mounting pressure to demonstrate the value of their results. Clients have become immune to ambiguous terms like ‘brand awareness’ as they lack measurable data.  In an increasingly data-driven world, agencies have attempted to establish a direct link between public relations, social media, marketing and sales to support business operations. Given today’s economic landscape, the marketing executives we work with are under more pressure than ever to demonstrate the business value and ROI of their marketing programs and supporting agencies. 

The static monthly reports communications and public relations firms typically share with clients read more like a list of completed chores. “Here are the reporters we contacted, the media coverage we delivered, your analyst report mentions, the content developed.” 

This approach places a significant burden on the internal marketing team that then must parse what was valuable by comparing it with other tools such as demand gen platforms, social media analytics and web traffic data. The growing marketing software stack may include dozens of software applications, making this an extremely time-consuming and manual process. And while these reporting tools can generate helpful data that demonstrate program outcomes, most are limited to reporting on only one type of program, which keeps essential data siloed. 

Overwhelming, right? It’s clear that the reporting methods of the past just aren’t cutting it anymore. Today’s modern communications agencies need reporting tools that offer real-time data in one consolidated platform that benefits both the account team and marketing leaders. 

Introducing MetricsMatter 4.0™, an industry-first dashboard created by 10Fold that summarizes both communications and marketing results to deliver insights for marketing leaders. With this new application, 10Fold retires perceived value metrics such as “advertising equivalency” or “potential reach” with SaaS software that shows both the results and impact they have on segmented website traffic, as well as other channels. With MetricsMatter, marketing leaders can better optimize strategies, maximize resources and take action based on real-time data. Designed for maximum visibility, the MetricsMatter application allows clients to import any marketing reports or dashboards with open APIs – giving them access to all critical marketing KPIs in one place.   

For marketing leaders, this means no more waiting for manual reports to be pulled, updating static PowerPoint decks to be sent or having to log into endless applications and gleaning results that must than manually be combined to get an overview of the wider marketing program. MetricsMatter allows marketing executives to view and compare results based on any date range, at any time. With MetricsMatter, marketers can:  

  • Demonstrate real-time progress of communications and marketing initiatives.  
  • Compare results alongside the corresponding web analytics with the ability to drill down into results that created traffic spikes. 
  • Evaluate campaigns for impact across multiple channels.  
  • Compare key metrics against competitors. 

With MetricsMatter 4.0, it’s finally possible to combine all the data and insights generated by public relations, social media and marketing into a single automated application that tells a holistic story.  

To learn more about how MetricsMatter provides business insights to support more informed decision-making, read more here or reach out to our team directly.  

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