Cracking the Code for Business and Tier 1 Coverage

Many top executives working in the tech industry are aware of the value of securing coverage from popular trade and business publications. Landing this type of coverage allows organizations to reach a wider audience of decision-makers, but it’s no longer easy to ensure reporters will write feature stories on product enhancement news, and partnership announcements can go unnoticed unless they have a big advantage for buyers. The fact is that there are fewer reporters on the masthead and there is a different economic model for freelance reporters that keeps them focused on trending articles sure to secure a high click-through rate. In a sea of other vendors, how do you set yourself apart to the reporters who matter the most in your industry?

10Fold works with 10 companies competing in the security space, and we have a dedicated cybersecurity team that is constantly keeping our fingers on the pulse of what’s working for major security vendors in the space. There are a few key components to securing that business press or tier-one technology trade feature that supports your business goals:

  • Research, research and more research: Reporters love data, especially when it highlights pain points that impact their audience and suggests a variation in the current industry trend that may surprise the reader or offer some controversy. Pairing relevant, unique research with a noteworthy stance is a surefire way to attract attention from the business reporter you’ve been trying to track down. Because reporters are inundated daily with pitches around surveys, showcasing key stats that offer a surprise element is key.. If it’s not unique or surprising, it won’t get traction. Leveraging third-party data can give you a boost, but having unique vendor-specific research from your client is what truly will set you apart. Data is an essential tool for building credibility with the leading reporters in your space. For cybersecurity, this could come in the form of threat research on the latest malware impacting critical infrastructure or data on the evolving role of the CISO.
  • Move at the speed of news: The 24-hour news cycle has changed how we work as PR pros. Especially in an industry like cybersecurity that never has a shortage of headline-grabbing breaches, it’s critical to track the keywords that are most valuable to your client in real-time to better anticipate the next big story and find strategic ways to insert clients into the conversation. If it’s a significant breaking news story, it’s likely the top cybersecurity reporters are looking for comments from industry experts, so it’s the perfect environment from which to act fast and get in front of journalists when the news is relevant. This could mean having a company executive ready to comment on the latest major data breach or the security impact of the latest tech trends like ChatGPT. Bonus points if you can tie your client’s unique data to breaking news, as your client will likely have more “air time” in the segment or broadcast.
  • Experts with a unique voice: This is what ties the previous two points up into a nice little package. Yes, it’s vital to have unique data while staying up to date on the biggest industry news. Still, reporters will only be interested in hearing from subject matter experts that can offer a unique point of view. Even better if the point of view is bold or controversial! Don’t limit your pitches to offering just the CISO or CEO. Customers willing to speak to media, board members and investors can also be leveraged to share different, unique perspectives. 

Securing business and tier-one trade coverage requires collaboration and partnership between a client and a PR team. It’s essential to align with spokespeople and share “must haves” for attracting attention from top reporters. Similarly, you must understand what your client is willing to talk about and the assets they have. With all of this in place, you can land coverage that meets the demands of even your toughest executives.

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