The Importance of Maintaining Office Culture

What is office culture? You may hear the term thrown around quite a bit, usually referring to the environment created by a business for its employees. But does it matter? As it turns out, it matters quite a bit.

office culture

The trust a business places in an employee is tied to its success and the quality of the work it does. For example, is accountability respected or are employees micromanaged? If duties in the workplace are controlled and not delegated, the more likely productivity will be lowered. Studies have shown that micromanagement leads directly to more inefficient work environments and increased rates of worker turnover. Dictating the actions of employees actually causes them to lose the willingness to put in the extra effort to create meaningful work and pushes them to seek other opportunities.

For some small business owners switching from micromanager to more of a director role can be challenging. Luckily, Marcus Erb from The Great Place to Work Institute has a few pointers for those seeking help.

The setting of the office also has a big effect on the productivity of the team and can give you an understanding of how the business operates. Surprisingly, the dress code has a bigger impact than one might expect. Dr. Karen Pine explains that the clothes you choose to wear can affect your productivity in the workplace. For example, wearing a business suit influences your brain in a way that causes you to act more professional than if you chose to wear more casual attire!

Office culture has far more importance than many realize. From reducing turnover to team motivation, it is important to pay attention to how the culture of your workplace affects the work that you do.

At 10Fold we strive to create a culture where the office thrives!

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