Understanding MarTech Nuances from Industry Veterans

Increasing customer expectations, rapid technology innovations, and the evolving global business landscape has made marketing one of the most dynamic disciplines in the world. Marketers constantly have to strive for a complete understanding of their audience as well as their preferences, in order to interact effectively and drive prospects toward conversion. This mandates delivering engaging content that resonates with a buyer’s likes and dislikes, so that they are motivated to explore what the company has to offer. In other words, developing an understanding of various audience segments is imperative to marketing. Thankfully, marketers share some expert advice below on how to deliver successful campaigns:

8 ways to avoid fads, gimmicks and shiny MarTech toys – CMO

In this article, CMO reporter Azadeh Williams advises readers on what to look out for when purchasing a marketing technology in order to ensure they purchase the most efficient and cost-effective solution. Of the tips listed, Azadeh notes that potential MarTech buyers should look out for the promise of a ‘360-degree customer view’ and siloed applications.

Agencies, Marketing-Tech Companies on Quest for Personalized Content – AdAge

AdAge reporter Alexandra Bruell analyzes how Salesforce has recently teamed up with MarTech provider MDC Partners in order to create more personalized content. This is only the latest in a series of partnerships between agencies and marketing technology providers as brands are expressing interest in technology that will help them create more effective campaigns targeting individuals.

The Modern-Day CMO: 7 Trends That Will Drive Digital Marketing Success – Marketing Land

In this contributed article, Jim Yu, founder and CEO of BrightEdge, provides leaders with a list of seven key trends that can drive digital marketing success. Of the trends listed, Jim notes competitive intelligence on digital channels will be a must-have in order to stay ahead in marketing.

Marketo CEO – pricing is the new weapon in the marketing cloud warsDiginomica

In this Q&A, Diginomica reporter sat down with Marketo CEO Phil Fernandez to discuss the company’s financial straits over the past year and how pricing is being used in the highly competitive marketing cloud landscape. Fernandez explains that he is currently seeing other companies “give their products away” in order to halt the closing of competitors’ deals. Furthermore, Fernandez notes that Marketo is in for the long run, and based on the pricing strategies he is seeing from competitors, he believes his rivals are not planning for a sustainable future.

Retailers must embrace the mobile consumer to boost sales, increase loyaltyRetail Customer Experience

A new Facebook IQ GIK study of 2,400 omnichannel shoppers reveals today’s consumers are expecting a seamless experience when shopping in-person and via a mobile devices. Nearly half of millennials expect to buy more on their smartphone than they did in 2015, highlights the study. In order to address these staggering findings, retailers and brands must take action and improve or implement more omnichannel experiences for their consumers, particularly in the mobile arena.

MarTech Maven Scott Brinker: The Adobes and the Oracles Missed the Opportunity – Marketing Land

Marketing Land reporter Barry Levine interviews marketing technology expert Scott Brinker regarding the missed opportunity by Adobe and Oracle to dive deeper into the marketing technology arena. According to Scott, “the current mix-and-matching of multiple marketing technology is partly a result of a missed opportunity by the Adobes and Oracles of the world. Instead of all-in-one marketing clouds, these companies could have made a platform play.”

What the hell is the difference between ad tech and marketing tech? – CIO

CIO.com reporter Matt Kapko discusses the differences between advertising technology and marketing technology. According to Forrester Research vice president and group director Carl Doty, marketing technology is the tool that manages marketing processes, workflows, digital content and customer analytics.

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