Veriflow Launches Out of Stealth

By the 10Fold Big Data Team:

On April 5, Veriflow, an emerging network breach and outage prevention company, announced it was coming out of stealth mode with $2.9 million in initial investor funding from New Enterprise Associates (NEA), the National Science Foundation and the Department of Defense. The new software, designed for CISOs, network architects, engineers and operators, uses mathematical network verification, which is based on the principles of formal verification, to bulletproof today’s most complex networks. Veriflow’s patented technology provides solutions across the multi-billion dollar networking market to minimize the security breaches and costly disasters that can result from network failure.

“We’re basically fortunetellers. With our technology, we’re going to be able to proactively predict what’s going to happen on your network before it actually happens,” said Jim Brear, president and CEO of Veriflow

Formal verification is not a new concept. It uses sophisticated algorithms to prove or disprove the correctness of a system with respect to certain functional specifications. This process is frequently used by organizations with products that absolutely cannot fail. For example, NASA rovers are still traversing the Martian landscape years after landing because the correctness of their flight software was mathematically verified before deployment. Similar trusted 24/7/365 technology is embedded into mission-critical airplane flight controls, medical devices and military defense systems. Veriflow is the first networking company to apply similar formal verification, along with network policy best practices, to secure today’s most complex and dynamic networks.

“An enterprise that claims its network is 98 percent reliable may sound responsible and highly functional, but who in their right mind would board an airplane if they knew that two out of 100 could fall out of the sky at any given moment,” said Brighten Godfrey, CTO at Veriflow.

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