How COVID-19 Has Impacted Agency Hiring

Wow, what a year it has been! No one could have predicted the impact this pandemic would have and it is hard to believe we are still dealing with the impact over a year later. For employers, this past year has wildly changed our perspective on hiring. If you are still struggling to find work during this time, this blog may be helpful for you to navigate the changes impacting hiring and what recruits should expect from prospective employers.

Remote Work

You may notice a shift in requirements from employers. Some companies see the benefits of a remote workforce and have eliminated the requirement for in-person work from an office. Others announced the intention to do that, and now have reversed those plans (notably Google and Salesforce). This is a dynamic situation and companies are only starting to think through all the implications – so as you interview, ensure you know the current expectations as well as longer-term expectations for remote work. Many people moved during the pandemic with the expectation they could permanently work remotely. With dynamic policies, it is important to align with the employer before you invest in a move.

Returning to the Office

Most companies are still determining when they believe it is safe for their teams to return to work, along with the necessary preparations they will take to facilitate the transition back to work. As a recruit, make sure you understand the return-to-work plan and are comfortable with the safety precautions and associate policies for any company you are pursuing for employment. Take note that Google and Salesforce recently announced their plans to have their teams return to the office (despite suggesting they would permanently offer work from home options). This reversal in policy has set the tone for many others in the tech industry. Address your questions about returning to the office early in the interview process so you know what to expect. 10Fold, and companies like it, are building plans that maximize employee flexibility with work from home opportunities. Our team really stepped up accountability – reporting hours and results daily and checking in with teammates via Zoom and Teams.  As a result, our performance for clients didn’t miss a beat and in many cases, our client satisfaction increased.

Company Values & Culture

Like many other companies, 10Fold faced the challenge of adjusting to a fully remote team during the pandemic. Here are just a few of the ways we kept our culture vibrant while adjusting to the “new normal”:

  • Virtual Offsites and fun virtual team activities (including virtual scavenger hunts and beer tastings)
  • Monthly team “happy hours”
  • Flexible work from home policy
  • Early closures on Fridays in the summer
  • Engaging team trainings
  • And more!

Following our core values – T.A.F.F.I (Teamwork, Accountability, Fun, Fascination and Integrity) — is now more important to us than ever.

T = Teamwork – And we mean it. Everyone helps each other succeed, and most importantly, we are not set up to compete against one another. This has been especially important during the last year, COVID-19 has really taught us the importance of being a team player and being there for one another to get through this hard time, together.

A = Accountability – We all hold ourselves accountable for our assigned tasks (as we should), and we agree to communicate if we are unable to meet a deadline or communicate potential problems, be it an internal deadline or an expectation with the client.

F = Fun – We love to throw a hell of an offsite! While that may look a little different today, we have found ways to adapt and include fun “virtual” activities to get to know each other and thoughtful sessions. An added bonus – monthly “happy hours” where we bring the whole team together!

F = Fascination – We want our team to be curious and interested in our client’s technology and business models, as well as the critical skills related to communications. Professional development has been high on our priority list, especially during this past year.

I for integrity – Embodying integrity is big for us – and we make it a priority to notice and reward employees who are faced with difficult situations and handle them with integrity. We know the true test of integrity is when people do the right thing, even though it causes inconvenience and others may not be watching.

This past year has really taught us we cannot succeed without one another. Every team member has contributed to our growth and success as we navigated through uncertain times. And as we navigate and adjust to this “new normal,” employers will look for someone who is a true team player and highly accountable.

As we find ourselves shifting back to pre-COVID life, 10Fold continues to work towards providing a safe and well-balanced environment for our employees. Feel free to check out more information on our culture and see if 10Fold might be the right fit for you!

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