“In the Fold” – Anna Birmingham

What is something you have learned this past year at 10Fold that has aided your success? 
Before I joined 10Fold my background was entirely in B2C PR, so I had minimal experience with media relations in the tech industry. With the guidance of my amazing team, I have not only learned the ins and outs of this industry, but also how to position clients in a way that resonates with journalists, ultimately driving great media results.  

What do you hope to learn in the next year?
For me, this past year was about gaining as much knowledge of the tech industry as possible and developing relationships with media. Looking forward, I want to mentor other 10Fold-ers with the same amazing guidance I’ve received from my teams. My goal for the future is to become a trusted, accountable, and effective leader.  

What was your favorite team activity in the last year? 
The San Diego office is an amazing group, and we have such a blast at our happy hours! While there are people on my teams working across the country who I can’t necessarily see at every happy hour, I still feel so close and connected with them because of the amazing culture we’ve built at 10Fold.  

What was your favorite accomplishment you had with a client over the last year? 
Over the past year, I’ve made it my mission to write in a way that fully captures each client’s unique voice. Based on client feedback, I can confidently say that my clients fully trust me to convey their messaging and tell their company’s story – I am so proud of this! 

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