The Intern’s Guide to the Galaxy – Three Paths to a Successful Internship at 10Fold

Have you ever wished for an Intern’s Guide to the Galaxy? Well, you’ve come to the right place. You will learn how to navigate your internship at a PR agency like 10Fold through the lens of the one and only Eric Bolin. Actually, there are a lot of Eric Bolins, but this dude works for 10Fold, so you’re stuck with this awesome guy.

Let Groot Grow
Anytime I step into an internship, my end goal is to learn. Instead of just bringing your bag of laptops, shrink rays, gravity guns, and highlighters, always prepare to soak in as much information as possible. Even with a little bit of an engineering background, I needed to learn acronyms and tech terminology that I had not encountered. Take the time to research your clients and their applications to the tech industry. Then, take a look at the 10Fold ship and observe the many tools available. Like any true venture through the galaxy, you will want to prepare to take on all the asteroids thrown at you with pre-“Cision” in a “TechCrunch” before you “Meltwater”. Ok, enough PR puns.

42 is Not the Answer to the Universe
Did you really think this was the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? 42 is not the answer to anything. Yet, managing the 42 things you have to do for clients is the answer to one of agency life’s biggest challenges. When you master your time, then you will be able to rule the galaxy*. Before you start mulling over how you will rule your subjects… I mean manage your time, please note that there are many options for managing those 42 media lists and briefing sheets. You can use a planner, excel sheet, electronic calendar, or any other organization tool under the sun. Just make sure you organize everything and be prepared for the jump to light-speed. In an exhilaratingly fast environment, you will need to be flexible within your schedule. Most importantly, you should prioritize your deadlines and action list through daily updates and consultation with your manager.

Life, the Universe, and People
At the end of the day, remember to have fun and treat everyone with integrity. I have been impressed by the people that work here at 10Fold. My coworkers are part of the reason I come to the office every day. Supported by a great team of people, I always know they have my back. If you truly want to get the most out of your experience, then you should connect with the people around you. There is only so much time we have, so constantly worrying about the next client meeting or ten briefing docs you have to do will not help. Stay in the moment. Enjoy your coworkers and the environment you have at 10Fold because not many places and jobs will be like this.

There are many opportunities in the galaxy, but this experience will make you stronger by ten-fold. If you can strap yourself into hyper drive and enjoy the process of creating content, media lists, and briefing docs, then you will not only be a huge asset to the team, but your future will shine brightly.

*No refunds are given to galaxy travelers who follow this rule and fail to become said ruler of said galaxy.

By Eric Bolin

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