September 10Fold Client Coverage

A roundup of some of the big pieces 10Fold helped to secure our clients in September. 

What is Cyber-Resilience?

“Balbix CEO talks cyber-resilience in this contribution to DZone”

If you are a CxO, Board Member, or in the cybersecurity business, you have probably seen the word cyber-resilience popping up in your conversations, news, and social media feeds. To a business-person, resilience is a powerful word, and you have perhaps wondered how your organization can become more cyber-resilient. If you have been around the cybersecurity business for a while, cyber-resilience might remind you of another widely-used term, “defense-in-depth.”

For those who came in late, the backdrop of thinking about cyber-resilience is this: our enterprise networks contain large amounts of insecure software (and hardware) and lots of imperfect human beings — entities that fail at a fairly high frequency from a security standpoint. The enterprise attack surface is vast, constantly growing, and poorly understood, and the threat landscape is constantly evolving. The objective of security teams is to implement mitigations that give us a cyber-resilient enterprise on top of insecure components. This is kinda like building a RAID array with 5 nines of availability from inexpensive and failure-prone disks.

The abstract notion of resilience is appealing, of course, and relates to one of the best qualities we associate with members of the human species— our ability to succeed in the face of adversity. But how exactly does it apply to cybersecurity?  Is it different from defense-in-depth? How does one measure cyber-resilience for an enterprise? Or improve it?

Itron Acquires Silver Spring Networks for $830 Million, Eyes Broader Smart City, Smart Grid Developments

Silver Spring is a smart city and mesh network player. The two see more Internet of Things (IoT) grid and city connections.”

Under the terms of the deal, Itron will acquire Silver Spring for $16.25 a share in cash. The price tag is a 25-percent premium to Silver Spring’s closing price on Friday.

Silver Spring offers Internet of Things platforms for utilities and cities. The company has about $311 million in annual revenue. Silver Spring connects 26.7 million smart devices and manages them through a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. For instance, Silver Spring offers a wireless smart street lighting platform as well as services for other end points.

Augment Raises $5 million to Help Customer Service Agents With AI

The startup had operated in stealth for 10 months prior to launch.”

The company joins competitors like Mattersight, DigitalGenius, LivePerson, and others in its efforts to train AI using conversations between customers and businesses in order to better guide customer service agents.

The money will be used to bolster the Augment AI platform, which is trained by an aggregated dataset made up of 100 million conversational interactions at large companies, including Dyson. Augment makes no attempt to replace human agents, only to make them more efficient.

“We can increase the number of interactions, the number of conversations an agent can have in a given window,” CEO Matt Swanson told VentureBeat in a phone interview. “Where most people are trying to deflect away conversations from humans, we’re just simply providing [assistance] throughout the conversation to make the agents better.”

Startup Netsil Introduces ‘Google Maps of Microservices Applications’

“Startup Netsil launches out of stealth”

Startup Netsil Inc. has come out of stealth with a monitoring and visualization platform for cloud applications that enables DevOps teams to see all services and their dependencies on a network without the need for additional coding.

Calling its service a “Google Maps of microservices applications,” Netsil said its Application Operations Centeris a troubleshooting tool for organizations that make extensive use of containers, which allow applications to be moved among different computers, and microservices, or software components that can be combined to form full applications.

“We give you a real-time map of all the component containers along with their communications structure,” said Arvind Soni, vice president of product at the San Francisco-based company. “We tell you where there are traffic jams or failures.”

4 Hacks Your Service Business Needs for Internet of Things Security

“Manuel Grenacher, CEO of Coresystems, emphasizes the importance of securing your data—especially personal data.” 

Grenacher says the extent of how secure you need to be comes down to what kind of data is being sent back and forth. “If it comes to data about persons, then it’s highly critical, because of privacy issues, like location and such. If you only have sensor data, it’s less critical.”

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