3 Reasons to Invest in Paid Twitter Targeting

In a world where anyone and everyone can produce content, how do you make your brand stand out? More and more brands are investing in paid promotional targeting for social media and adopting paid promo as a standard practice in their marketing strategy. But is the cost to promote a single post really worth it? Here are 3 reasons why your brand should invest in paid promotional targeting.

Better Opportunities to Target and Reach Your Audience
Why waste money on promoting content to an audience that isn’t interested in what your brand has to offer? Parameters such as user demographics, location, language, keywords and behaviors enable brands to control who their content is being promoted to. This allows for your brand’s content to reach more users within your target audience than it normally would through organic posts. Tyler Trainer, Senior Social Media and Digital Marketing Associate at 10Fold, shares that “impressions will be a lot higher when targeting is more specific and when there is more audience data.” This means that targeted users on large social media platforms are more likely to view and engage with your brand’s content, as their interest is already established.

Greater Social ROI
Paid promotional targeting ensures that your brand is getting its money’s worth. While the content that is shared through organic posts may be the same as a paid post, it isn’t valuable if it doesn’t perform well. Paid promotional targeting provides the necessary tools for brands to boost post performance by targeting users with similar interests who will connect with their brand. Customers who engage with brands through social media are more likely to develop a closer and longer-lasting relationship with the brand, ultimately contributing to brand loyalty and growth. (Forbes) This success also presents greater opportunities for a brand’s economic growth, translating to a positive overall financial impact.

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Improve Content Quality and Brand Image
With a better understanding of your target audiences and their interests, you are able to produce better, more relevant content. Personalizing content to the needs and interests of targeted consumers further drives engagement with your brand and improves the overall quality of the content produced. In a recent survey 78.5 percent of respondents said they have tweeted at a business before. More importantly, 93.3 percent said that they plan to purchase from a business they follow. (Hootsuite) The new and improved social content serves as an active voice for your brand, personifying it to engage with consumers in return. This creates a more meaningful and valuable brand-consumer interaction, as your brand is able to connect with consumers on a more personal level.

Invest in your content— don’t let consumers miss out on the opportunity to connect with your brand. Looking for help on expanding your social media visibility? Check out our services page.


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