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Following Snowden’s Legacy, Booz Allen Contractor Charged with File Theft

“Could face up to 11 years in prison”

Former Booz Allen Hamilton employee Harold Thomas Martin III is accused by the Department of Justice of theft of government property and unauthorized removal of classified documents. Stock of the NSA contractor firm took a dip as the news broke. This further scars the company’s reputation that is already bearing the weight of the Edward Snowden revelations of 2013, bringing to light the mass United States government surveillance program that proved very controversial to the public. Whether the intentions of Martin are political is yet to be seen.

Expose Retaliation Hits BuzzFeed

“Hacking group targets interactive media site”

Hacking group OurMine seems to have targeted BuzzFeed, odd considering the group often sets its sights on digital accounts of CEO’s, venture capitalists, and celebrities. The attack on BuzzFeed focused on manipulating the text or completely deleting certain articles related to the groups reputation, in which the website exposed that OurMine may be a solo hacker teenager from Saudi Arabia.

New Malware Can Monitor Webcam, Microphone

“New piggyback virus can access software”

Malware used for covert surveillance is far from new. The NSA has several programs that can monitor voice or video without the notice of a laptops user. However this is not the case with Apple products, as they have a hardwired indicator that notifies the user when the webcam is on. Now this may no longer be the case. Researcher Patrick Wardle explains that a new piggyback virus is able to access webcam and speaker functions without any notification to the user.

eCommerce Malware Stealing Card Data

“Powerfront, OpenCart among affected”

Researchers are monitoring a cybercriminal campaign that have been plaguing several eCommerce sites since at least March of this year. Dubbed ‘Magecart’ by RiskIQ, the malicious software attacks the payment sources of the internet commerce sites, stealing customer personal information and card data.

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J&J Warns Hackers Can Infiltrate Insulin Pump

“Caution advised to patients as cyber vulnerabilities seem possible”

The insulin pumps in question retain a malfunction that could allow hackers to breach its defenses, causing an overdose of insulin. This news breaks while medical security remains of high concern following a series of stories that particular pacemakers and defibrillators exhibited bugs that may signal security vulnerabilities of their own.

Johnson &Johnson describes the potential risk as low as there have been no reported hacking attempts thus far, but is advising patients that there may be certain security flaws they could be subjected to and sharing advice on potential fixes for the issue.

Default Password Danger Shown with Massive Botnet Attack

“IoT devices used to target victims”

Weak default usernames and passwords assigned to internet connected devices seemed to be the target of the Mirai botnet that was responsible for the massive DDoS attack. In contrast to other botnets, this program employs IoT gadgets to select and attack its targets.

This same platform was used to bring down Security reporter Brian Krebs website with another massive DDoS cyber-attack, searching through devices with a list of easily guessable passwords such as ‘12345’ and ‘admin.’

“Zero-day” EMC Console Management Flaws

“Would allow attacker to end malicious programs”

Dell’s vApp manager for Unisphere for VMAX was revealed to have five zero day vulnerabilities, announced by digital security consultants Digital Defense. The web application is used to manage all of EMC’s storage platform, and vulnerabilities breached would allow hackers to send Adobe Flash Action Message Format messages from the server running the program.

Attackers may be able to completely shut down or gain total control of the storage platforms, providing grave cause for concern. EMC has patches available through security advisories on these potential breaches available to Dell EMC customers.



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FBI Investigate the Possibility of Russian Hack of Democratic Party Staffer Cell Phones

“Possible attacks by Russian hackers causing fear among the states as voting season comes into view”

Several members of the Democratic National Committee have been asked for their cell phones for further examination after news of a potential hack on their devices has come to light through members of the party. Officials are asking for those called upon to ‘mirror’ their devices in search of malware and other breaches of security.

The news comes as the heat up of the presidential election begins. When leaks of DNC servers broke back in June, now Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and then Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz shifted their blame to Russian hackers shortly after, with the explanation of the influence of the election as their primary objective. Because of the increased paranoia of Russian cyber-attacks, 18 states have requested assistance from the federal government in beefing up security in their voting systems for the upcoming presidential election.

Ransom Demanded for WestPark Capital Hack

“Hacking group TheDarkOverlord strikes hard against LA Bank”

Hacking group TheDarkOverlord, naming itself after a comic book villain, has released several company files to the public from WestPark Capital Bank because “CEO Richard Rappaport spat in our face after making our signature and quite frankly, handsome business proposal and so our hand has been forced.”

Information released includes private information such as background checks and social security numbers of firm employees, contracts, NDA’s and more. TheDarkOverlord claims to have more information that it will release if a ransom demand remains unanswered.

European Commission Seeks to Tighten Cyber-Security Export Rules

“Measures proposed by European Commission that aim to limit dangerous sales in cyber surveillance tech”

The European Commission of the European Union has made public several of its new proposals that would put more thorough controls on the exports of goods that enhance or allow the surveilling of persons through cyber space. The intended goal of these new regulations would be to protect “risks to security and human rights,” as it is becoming more vital that the current system has not been fully evolved to meet current threats.

Also addressed was the overburdening of industries involved in the manufacturing of these technologies. It is widely felt that the administrative regulations in place at the moment are lacking in legal clarity, thus the updated controls would also serve largely to simplify and streamline transfers of sensitive technologies while still providing safeties to prevent them falling into the wrong hands.

AP4V Increasingly Sought by Spammers

“ARIN IP addresses targeted most often”

Because spammers ruin the reputation of the IP addresses they use quickly, a consistent flow of new ones are necessary for their operations. Spamhaus has recently shown light on the fact that spam users have been “hijacking existing IP address ranges from under the noses of the legitimate owners and ARIN (American Registry for Internet Numbers),”and that these are largely the intended targets for new spammers.

However, this issue is far from new. In January many directed blame at Verizon for routing over 4 million IP addresses that cybercriminals had already established themselves on. At that time ISP was not processing routing requests very closely, essentially allowing misusers to use hijacked IP addresses at will.



3 Easy Steps to Maintain an Effective Twitter Strategy

Have you been trying to grow your Twitter presence with little success? You are far from the first, and absolutely not the last, to face such a challenge. Not to worry friends, Twitter can be a confusing place to be. 10Fold has a few quick and simple tips to help you build a consistent and growth oriented follower base.

1. Find the Right Time to Post to Your Audience

Hubspot recently released a report on social media best practices, including optimal times to post on Twitter. Weekdays on average are best during the lunchtime hours, where potential viewers are taking a break from the usual work activity and checking out their social media feeds instead.

best time to post twitterAdditionally, specifying times around hour and half hour marks (i.e., 12:03pm or 2:27) allows those just heading into or just leaving a meeting or appointment to catch your posts without having to scroll too far down their newsfeed. Applications such as Hootsuite allow you to plan content posting when desirable while also remaining user friendly and relatively simple to use.

2. Focus On Quality

While maintaining a steady supply of material is necessary to keep up a reliable base of viewers, releasing subpar material is a great way to chase away potential followers. Clickbait posts, misleading headlines and simply irrelevant topics are a signal to viewers that your content is not worth their time in the long term.

sme ex twitter growth Concentrated topics boost growth.

Additionally, rushing out material that is not fully fleshed out or is littered with factual or grammatical mistakes looks sloppy, and is more likely to put off those looking for consistent and insightful content.

3. Find Your Niche

Concentrating your efforts on a particular topic is paramount to building repeat viewers and audiences. Well rounded knowledge is an admirable trait, but is not consistent with the real world.  Your followers have specialized their skills to fit into a certain occupation, and expect the same level of professionalism in blogs or accounts that they follow to help advance their own careers. Social Media Examiner provides great examples of this, and they are rewarded with high interaction rates for each of their posts.

While Twitter may be a tough place to navigate, following the simple steps of focusing on timing, quality, and staying within your field of expertise will help to keep your voice heard and maintain a consistent and growth-oriented following.

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Barefoot Networks Launches Out of Stealth

By the 10Fold Enterprise Team

Barefoot Networks approached 10Fold to develop a strategy to launch the company out of stealth and showcase its industry-changing networking switch technology. 10Fold designed a plan for Barefoot from start to finish, incorporating exclusive media pitching to secure business press feature coverage, tech press outreach, press release development, targeted analyst introductions and web content development. The results include two major business press features and more than 30 pieces of coverage overall.

Cade Metz, WIRED, “Barefoot is building a new breed of chip that will alter the inner workings of Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and LinkedIn. It will force a response from hardware giants like Cisco and big chip makers like Intel and Broadcom. It will feed the evolution of telecommunication empires like AT&T.

Barefoot Networks launched from stealth, revealing pioneering technology and setting multiple networking records. Not only is the company announcing the fastest switch ever built, but also, and perhaps more importantly, the first switches ever to be fully user-programmable. This combination of record-breaking performance and full programmability enables customers to build the world’s only fully-programmable networks and to run those networks at record-breaking speeds. With a renowned executive team that has built the fastest and biggest networking systems in the world, Barefoot Networks is backed by world-class investors who have invested more than $130 million to date. Goldman Sachs Principal Strategic Investments and Google Inc. led the most recent round of $57 million, with new strategic investors joining the round.

Coverage Highlights for Barefoot Networks Launch Tuesday 06/14/2016:

  1. WIRED, Cade Metz, Barefoot Networks’ New Chips Will Transform the Tech Industry
  2. Wall Street Journal, Don Clark, Stanford Professor’s Startup Plans Novel Networking Chips
  3. TechTarget, Chuck Moozakis, Barefoot Networks debuts high-speed programmable chip for switches
  4. ITBusinessEdge, Mike Vizard, Barefoot Networks Unveils Programmable 6.5 Terabit Switch
  5. SiliconANGLE, Paul Gillin, Barefoot says its programmable chip will revolutionize networking.
  6. Converge Network Digest, Jim Carroll, Barefoot Unveils 6.5 Tbps Tofino Switching Chip
  7. ZDNet, Stephanie Condon, Barefoot Networks unveils high-speed, programmable network switch
  8. Silicon Valley Business Journal, Gina Hall, Chipmaking startup Barefoot Networks raises $57M
  9. PCWorld, Stephen Lawson, This startup may have built the world’s fastest networking switch chip
  10. ComputerWorld, Barefoot Networks may have built the world’s fastest networking switch chip
  11. ITWorld, This startup may have built the world’s fastest networking switch chip
  12. NetworkComputing, Marcia Savage, Switch Chip Startup Touts Networking Breakthrough
  13. SDxCentral, Craig Matsumoto, Why Barefoot Networks Decided SDN Needs a New Chip 
  14. SDxCentral, Craig Matsumoto, Barefoot Networks Just Raised Another $57M 
  15. The Next Platform, Timothy Prickett Morgan, The Walls Come Down On The Last Bastion Of Proprietary
  16. Xconomy, Bernadette Tansey, Barefoot Scores $130M for Programmable Switch To Make Networks Smart
  17. FierceTelecom, Sean Buckley, Barefoot Networks Unveils Breakthrough Switching Technology: the World’s First Fully Programmable Switches that Also Happen to be the Fastest Switches Ever Built


4 Unconventional (But Awesome) Tech Company Benefits

Employee benefits are commonly acknowledged as a major factor in the decision to apply or take a job with a business. Over 57% of applicants say that benefits are critical in whether they accept a job or not. With this in mind, employers will generally use extra perks to find and keep the best workers. We usually associate these perks with paid leave, disability insurance and retirement plans. However, some Tech firms have gone the extra mile and offered some somewhat unconventional, but awesome perks to the job.

PWC offers student loan reimbursement as an added employee benefit, understanding the tremendous burden many recent grads have become all too familiar with. This policy has attracted the attention of many young people to the New York City based consulting firm.


How great would it be to have your job pay for someone to encourage you and guide you through important life decisions? That’s precisely what San Francisco based IT firm Asana does for its employees. Asana values motivating its workers and bringing out the best in them by helping them achieve personal and professional goals.

Do you miss those school summer and winter breaks? Apparently Adobe does to, because the software giant closes down for a week in both July and December. They give their workers two guaranteed weeks off every year to recuperate and return to work refreshed and engaged in the work environment.

Google is what many view as the ultimate in employee benefits. They offer not just a sole unique perk, but several. An in-house gym, fitness classes, laundry machines, even a car wash! These are just a few of the plethora of benefits the company offers.

While we here at 10Fold can’t offer you an exclusive running trail or a rock climbing wall, we do offer a unique and comforting sense of workplace environment. It’s not uncommon to take part in our cherished Wine 30 events during the work day, or perhaps watching our CEO Susan Thomas literally slice the neck off of a champagne bottle during our quarterly off-sites. These provide those precious moments to catch up, talk and bring out new ideas with everyone in the company while building personal connections with the people we work alongside every day.


You can learn more about 10Fold’s office culture here.

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3 Implications of the 2015 Business Wire Media Survey

PR media relations is beginning the next step in its evolution, and the four biggest implications can be seen in the 2015 Business Wire Media Survey.

business wire graphic

  1. Prevalence of “Sexy Headlines”
    The advancement of technology and advertising methodology has put pressure on journalists to get clicks on their article using “Sexy Headlines,” which may be misleading or host content that is irrelevant to what a user is searching for.
    Let’s make one thing clear: Clicks are king in this new era of journalism. Some are pushed to sacrifice the quality of content specifically for clicks on the basis that their jobs may very well depend on it. Because online news outlets primarily receive income via online advertisers on each page, there is an incentive for employers to push their writers in the direction of attractive headlines and establish a quota for clicks an article must deliver. This contributes to the prevalence of big ambiguous titles that are quick to grab attention, but hold little in actual substance.
  1. News Needs To Be Told Differently
    Although it’s not exactly your typical news site, the majority of the surveyed journalists claim that Buzzfeed and similar sites are the future of media. The answer is simple, interactive news telling. The casual language and efforts at humor draw more and more readers to these sites, creating an effective and profitable business plan for publishers to exploit.
  2. Coverage Guarantees Are Changing
    Just a few years ago an effective infographic included in your press release meant journalists would more likely pick up the news, compared to press releases without infographics.   But now it appears that even if you include several multimedia assets, only 13 percent of surveyed journalists say they are more likely to pick up your story. In fact, most say that the biggest asset you can include is not infographics or video, but photos, the most static of all multimedia resources. This emphasizes the necessity of strong content and writing strategies included in your work.

Based on the Media Survey, it’s becoming more crucial than ever to know exactly what journalists are looking in a press release. Primary focus needs to be centered on the story, not mixed media assets PR pros have relied on in the past.

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Recap: 10Fold Media SharkTank 2015

Media SharkTank 2015 - Register NowOn October 15th, 10Fold hosted its 5th annual Media SharkTank event at Hotel Vitale in San Francisco, California.

Eleven CEO’s from some of the most innovative start-up companies in the Bay Area pitched to our distinguished guest media judges from top business press, such as:

  • Financial Times
  • VentureBeat
  • Business Insider
  • Huffington Post
  • Silicon Valley Business Journal
  • KPIX-TV (CBS San Francisco)
  • KGO-TV (ABC San Francisco)
  • KNTV-TV (NBC San Francisco)

Behind closed doors, the CEO’s had three minutes to each pitch their story to the influential panel of judges. After the pitch, the judges gave feedback on the perspective of business press. This dynamic allowed for a unique opportunity to receive personalized, one-on-one feedback on how to strengthen their proposals.

The three highest scoring pitches went on to compete in a 60-second pitch-off in front the entire group at the end of the night. This “People’s Choice Award” was incredibly hard to judge as the entire room was full of applause after each pitch, after much deliberation the winner was announced.

The winner of this year’s “People’s Choice Award” was Interana. The company will receive a promotional video – at no cost – from 10Fold’s award winning video production division ProMotion Studios.

10Fold introduced several new components to the Media SharkTank experience for its fifth anniversary – including the TapSnap photo booth, live-digital caricature artist Jon Casey, and mingling magician Mike Toy.

shark tank

[10Fold team prepares for the arrival of Media SharkTank attendees.]

To view photos from the TapSnap photo booth, click here:

This year our charitable annual event raised $17,000! These proceeds were donated to Baykeeper, an environmental group dedicated to protecting the San Francisco bay from water pollution. Their team works hard to ensure a safe habitat for the wildlife and humans of the bay alike.

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Security Never Sleeps – 2016

What:         10Fold Communications 6th Security Never Sleeps Event

When:        Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Time:         11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. (PST)

Where:      LuLu, 816 Folsom St. San Francisco

11:30 a.m. – noon:        Arrival Networking
Noon – 1:00 p.m.:          Lunch, Panel & Group Discussion
1:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.:   Networking


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