Hey, VC’s! Meet Some Awesome Startups at Media SharkTank 2017

In today’s age of big exits, mergers and acquisitions, everyone is in search of the next “unicorn.” And based on the sheer dollar value of successes in technology exits alone, the challenging pursuit venture capitalists and strategic investors embark on to find these entrepreneurs and their companies is worth it. The right connection point can make all the difference, and that is what 10Fold aims to provide with Media SharkTank. With this unique event, entrepreneurs are invited to come with a three-minute pitch that they give to a panel of the top business and broadcast journalists in the industry. In turn, the panel of journalists provide their feedback on what will – and more importantly – what will not work for their audiences. In the pitching process, the journalists often strip away the technical mumbo jumbo to help the entrepreneur define the essence of their solution and the business value.

The process of simplifying the pitch eliminates just one of the challenges investors may have in determining a fit for their portfolio. Another is finding the right entrepreneur – because it is not simply a matter of the technology, product or solution. It is equally important for the investor to determine the character and flexibility of the entrepreneur that will manage the investment. Witnessing how the entrepreneur takes feedback, answers challenging questions and reacts to being put on the spot is extremely important. And having the opportunity to witness a private SharkTank session or listening to a “mini-pitch” during the reception at the Media SharkTank event comes with the opportunity to walk away in a few short minutes, rather than an hour.

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10Fold is delighted to showcase more than a dozen promising companies at our Seventh Annual Media SharkTank 2017. This means investors will have the opportunity to mingle amongst today’s leading visionaries and entrepreneurs in cybersecurity, DevOps, big data, networking, and artificial intelligence, among other innovative B2B industries. Enjoy the ambiance of a five-star hotel and a reception offering artful and delicious hors d’oeuvres along with a variety of wine, beer and soft drinks while you discover new technologies and entrepreneurs that may become the next big thing.

Media SharkTank is offering a peek at new ideas and interesting entrepreneurs – and for the aspiring entrepreneurs, it gives them the benefit of establishing relationships and benefiting from the advice of wise investors.

Interested? You can find the registration form here.

By Lauren Lloyd

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